Sleeping in Castelluccio


Sleeping in Castelluccio

Castelluccio  is a village in Umbria, in the Apennine Mountains of central Italy near Norcia.

The village lies at 1452 m, making it the highest settlement in the Apennines. It lies above the “Great Plain” (Piano Grande – 1270 m), next to the Monti Sibillini National Park.

Rain and meltwater accumulate on the surface of the plain, which is made of largely impermeable sediments. The greenish ditches drain the water towards openings called Ponors, which are part of the karstic underground drainage system. If the karst drainage is blocked for any reason, water backs up and turns the plain into a temporary lake.

Chef at working for Upstream Cods project


Upstram Cods team at ” Il Genovese” restaurant for a shooting.

Upstream cods is our way to tell people the story, using pictures, about stockfish and salted cod, how these two products gets fished, prepared and presented to everyone’s table.
The meaning of Upstream Cods is to follow the full production chain backwards: we’ll start from Liguria’s festivals and restaurants concerned stockfish and salted cod, going upstream to the Lofoten islands, Norway, where the cods are fished and prepared to be sold to public, as we know it…be sure that we are also going to snoop around on how they are cooked in their native land. And, by the way, will photograph the natural beauty of these remote islands located beyond the Arctic Circle!

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The entrance

The entrance

The entrance

The entrance ….from Ancona the first port of call is Portonovo, the smallest retreat on the Conero Riviera, one of the nicest places of the Marche region, protected by the Regional Park of Conero Mount.
It is one of the prettiest white pebbled beach on the whole of the Northern Adriatic shore. On the bay, where flies the blue flag, there are few restaurants serving top quality fish.

Good rights for surfers!!