There are three key words that can be used to describe not only Francesco’s work, but also his personal life: versatility, passion and craftmanship. Born in Genoa in 1977, he gains a Bachelor in Natural Science and ends up working in IT field.

His interest in photography starts very early, after attending a basic course with Patrizia Lanna in 1988, when Francesco was still a teenager. Few years later, he begins to work in a photo studio in the Italian Alps, in Val d’Aosta, during the summer season, where he becomes familiar with portraits and sports photography.

With the years he commence to be more concerned in documentary photography, and as a result of this new interest is Francesco’s first complete work, a digest called “De la vache a la Fontine” ( From the cow to the fontina cheese), a project completely dedicated to the making of Fontina cheese which gained  first prize as the best portfolio in a Fiaf – Portfolio Italia (Italian Photography Federation) festival called “Una penisola di luce”.

Thanks to Francesco carefull look on working life, he starts to collaborate with Servizi Italia SpA, an industrial laundry company, and with Dpsonline,a web agency, he realise a photography book entitled “Nei nostri panni” (In our shoes), a reportage based on both company and workers history from the early 30’s to our days.

One year later some of his pictures taken in the former Jugoslavian block are shown in a book (publisher Dpsonline) and in exhibition (curated by Top Market) called  “Bosnia: three stories to tell about a land”, which testifies the memorial cerimony for the restitution and the burial of dead bodies found in mass grave in Srebrenica to their families.

Gradually, food becomes Francesco’s main interest: his aim is to investigate its much aspect, every shades, even the darkest ones, like those regarding eating disorders. Under these premises the project called “Mirror of souls” comes to life, and in 2015 is shown within the exposition “Intimi nutrimenti” held in Genoa,in Palazzo Rosso Museum. In 2016 the picture entitled “Anoressia” (Anorexia) is selected as finalist at the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year contest, and is first exposed at the Mall Galleries in London and successively in the photography center 6×6 in Limassolo, Cyprus.

But it is with the “Upstream cods” project that Francesco completely changes his perspectives towards food. This work, realised together with Marco Tomassini, describes the entire stockfish production chain, but from its very ending: from the consumers’ plates passing throught the different importers to the end of this journey in Norway, in Lofoten Islands, where cod is caught and processed. In 2016 this performance turns into a book titled “The codfish tale” published by Tormena and then selected for the Screening section at Food Photo Festival in Denmark in 2017.

Still in 2016 he completes for Sagep publisher a photo book that illustrates the Ligurian regional territory through niche products like local variety of hazelnuts and the plates created by Chef Marco Visciola from Marin restaurant in Eataly, Genoa. From this series of pictures the photo about recipie “Rana pescatrice in zuppetta di nocciole” has been printed in the book titeled “L’enciclopedia della Nocciola” published by Mondadori in 2019. 

The discovery of “Bianchetta Genovese” (a local variety of wine) leads Francesco to analyze a higlhy delicate subject as racial integration. This photographic project whish is to underline like the hard work of a group of inmigrants, along with the knowledge of winemaking held by few local wine producer, could lead to social and economic benefits for both the territory and these people, willing to learn knowledge in farming in order to establish a future profession. In 2017 in cooperation with Enoteca Regionale Ligure the project turned into a book named “La Bianchetta Genovese”. In 2018 this performance turns into a new book titled “Bianchetta Genovese” published by dpsonline; the book is a part of the series named Parsley edition.

Francesco’s reportages are concieved as a way to know better some aspects of reality, which are often unseen, maybe beacuse of the fact that are considered too simple or not enough mainstream. (written by Delia Peccetti)


Bianchetta Genovese CIVediamo a Cornigliano, Centro Civico Cornigliano, Genova

PinkLady food photographer of the year, Mall Galleries, Londra.

Migrazioni: una molteplicità di esperienze, Palazzo Reale (Genova).


Alla ricerca dell’umanità: l’esperienza religiosa, Accademia Ligustica di Belle Arti (Genova).


From the North Sea to Unesco vineyards, Barbera Fish festival, Agliano terme (Asti).

Pop Eat Nutriamo il Borgo, Castel Nuovo Magra (La Spezia).

FOODPHOTO festival Screening, Vejle, Denmark.


PinkLady food photographer of the year, 6×6 Centre For Photography, Limassol, Cipro.

PinkLady food photographer of the year, Mall Galleries, Londra.

Regine & Re di Cuochi, Palazzina di caccia di Stupinigi, Nichelino (Torino).


Barbera fish festival, Agliano Terme (Asti).

Intimi Nutrimenti, Museo Palazzo Rosso, Genova.


Bosnia Tre storie per raccontare una terra, at Gulasch festival Palazzo Fieschi, Genova.

Bosnia Tre storie per raccontare una terra, Top Market via Cecchi 69B r, Genova.


Conversazioni Fotografiche, Galleria Spazio 23, Genova.


Io Pretendo Dignità, Palazzo della Regione, Genova.

La forza delle Donne, Cerruti Arte Gallery, Genova.

Diversità ed Uguaglianza, Ex Ospedale Soave, Codogno (Lodi).

Una penisola di Luce, Palazzo Fasce, Sestri Levante (Genova).

Anima Mundi, Sala Consiliare, Celle Ligure (Savona).


Reporter, Festival della Scienza, Genoa Port Center, Genova.

Reporter, Sua Altezza, Lanterna di Genova.

Immagin’azione, Museo Sant’Agostino, Genova.


PinkLady food photographer of the year, finalist.


FOODPHOTO festival, Screening selection.


PinkLady food photographer of the year, finalist.


Shoot your port, special mention.


Una penisola di luce, best portfolio.


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