1303 days


1303 days passed since 6th of April 2009 when, at 3.32 a.m., the earth shaked for 23 endless seconds.
The 6.2 magnitude earthquake hits the region of Abbruzzo and the 57 municipalities in the surroundings causing the death of 309 people and damages for more then 10 billion of euros.
Even if for the city of l’Aquila a little reconstruction has started by removing the ruins and reconstructing some public buildings in  the surroundings nothing has strated yet. Some villages remained exactly in the same state as the day of the quake; buildings shored up, ruins and objects still present in the broken houses shows how past and present life in these places has been stopped.
More than 65000 people had to move out of their homes and went in the 19 “new towns”, few kilometers far from every urban centers: the “new towns” logic  hardly works and moving people in places completely different from their previous lives brings to alianation episodes.
Many scandals hit the reconstruction and after all the time passed it is difficult to figure out when it will be finished…will the city of l’Aquila be able to flourish again from its ruins?