Bianchetta Genovese


Bianchetta Genovese is a project that tells about the making of a local wine, whose production is very limited due to the fact that this varietal is nowadays carried on only in two specific areas near by Genova, Valpolcevera and Tigullio.
Coronata is the name of an inner district of Valpolcevera; in this area few old wine producers still in activity are teaching a group of young African refugees the old art of wine making, showing them how to enhance abandoned green areas,and so giving them the chance to transform it into a new job opportunity for the future. This new manpower is therefore working to sprout old vineyard again.
The working process is the same for the two areas: both in Valpolcevera and in Tigullio vineyards require cutting foils and binding  branches, and these operations are alternated with treatments based on sulphur and green copper against mildews and parasitical.
The grapes harvest is the most important moment of the entire working process, and it usually ends with a celebration and a photo memory of all the workers.