Malvasia, un diario mediterraneo


From the cooperation with Paolo Tegoni comes Malvasia, un diario mediterraneo. It will take you on a journey of discovery of a legendary and imaginative wine that has been produced and flowing for centuries in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea and named after the Greek peninsula of Monemvasia, in Laconia, where the Ionian and Aegean seas meet: Malvasia.

Intense research work on the methods, traditions, and stories of winemakers from different parts of the Mediterranean who have been carrying on the production of more than just wine for a few years or entire generations will enable us to deliver to you a veritable itinerant breviary consisting of numerous stages and carefully composed, with photographs, interviews, literary and travel cues, maps and gastronomic suggestions.

And like siren songs these stages will be a fascinating invitation to the Mediterranean journey for all those who would like to retrace it in part, or in full.
The project is promoted by Terrae. For more information: