Sea pilots


Pilots work never stops. In case of emergency Pilots are the first intervening no matter what weather: windy or rainy, day and night, no difference for them; depending on the weather conditions even the easiest movement can become the most difficult and dangerous.
A call alerts that a ship is arriving: after a short briefing the pilot’s boat brings the Pilot to the ship at the entrance of the port; jumping on the ship is always very dangerous for the Pilot and falling down into the sea would probably cause a dramatic end. The pilot’s boat officer is in charge to make Pilot’s work easier approaching the ship in a way that doesn’t put the Pilot in danger. During the approaching to the ship the Pilot stand on the ladder placed on the pilot’s boat and waits the right instant to jump to the ship’s ladder. After the Pilot has parked the ship in the correct spot the pilot’s boat takes him back to the tower, where he’ll wait for the next ship; it can be a break of hours or just the time to have a coffee, then the Pilot will be ready to go out again…